Entry #1

New song

2007-10-05 00:15:58 by mentally-detached


Heres the link.

Its a really weird song but then again, I wasn't trying to go for normal.


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2007-10-20 15:02:35

I personally really liked it. I like all your music. It's not normal, which is a great thing. Normal can end up being very tedious and boring.


2007-10-28 15:46:55

Sorry I get a little presumptuous when I start up late night reviewing. The drums sounded FL to me and every other song on here is some kid with the trial. But yeah sonar is a good program way better than cubase in my opinion.

Good luck with it man, I'll check back to hear more.


2008-06-28 10:05:40

It was awesome. Awesome is kind of impersonal, but the song was a song I could relate to.


2009-04-02 11:33:37

Your work is great. Extremely under appreciated :\ I'm going to use it in my flash.